Snagging Surveys for New Build Homes

One of the main reasons people choose to buy a new-build home over an existing property is the desire to avoid building repairs or renovation works. Unfortunately, the expectations of a new-build home aren’t always met, and when defects are only identified down the line, buyers are left with the inconvenience, upheaval, and potentially the cost of repair works.

One way to prevent this happening is to instruct Lea Hough to undertake a Snagging Inspection Report.

A snagging survey is designed specifically to check for problems with a new-build home. Covering both internal and external aspects of the property, a snagging survey aims to identify issues with the quality and finish of the build – commonly known as snags – so the developer can take measures to resolve any defects.

When undertaking a snagging report, our Chartered Surveyors will inspect every room in the property, along with looking at roof spaces and the external aspects of the property.

Having taken notes during our visit, we will then compile the ‘snags’ into a detailed written and photographic report. This can then be sent on to the developer to undertake a programme of repair work. If buyers wish, our Surveyors can re-attend the property on a second occasion to check that all defects have been fixed to an acceptable standard.

Ideally, a snagging survey should be completed during the period between building work being finished and the legal completion date. This helps to avoid any doubt as to whether the defects have arisen as a result of wear and tear once you have moved in. It can also help to motivate the developer to fix any issues before you move in.

It is, however, possible to have a snagging survey done at any time during the first two years of living in a new-build home. During this period, the developer is typically still obligated to repair any defects that are identified. Although buyers are afforded some protection under NHBC warranty for ten years, after the first two-three years have passed, this cover is fairly limited, thereafter only covering major defects.

Our team of Chartered Surveyors are able to carry out snagging reports throughout Lancashire and South Cumbria.

To find out more about our services for new-build properties or to obtain a quote for a Snagging Report, please contact us.

“We had a Schedule of Condition carried out on a Commercial Property. From vacant possession to our proposed completion date we were really tight on time. Gary managed to carry out the inspection and write a very thorough report in the time needed to ensure we hit our completion date. The price of the report was also extremely competitive. I would recommend Lea Hough to anyone looking for a Professional Surveyors with excellent service & communication at a competitive price.”

Danny Ambler - Fuse Contract Furniture, Blackburn