Pre-Work Schedule of Condition

Pre-Work Schedule of Condition

Large construction projects, civil engineering works and infrastructure/redevelopment projects can often involve significant levels of excavation and disturbance, along with the potential for vibrations and therefore a risk of damage to neighbouring buildings.

It is advisable for the contractor/client to arrange an independent survey beforehand to accurately record the condition of nearby buildings, roads, or other structures, where any significant or large-scale works are planned.

Then this survey can be re-checked again upon completion to make sure that no damage has been caused to the neighbouring buildings due construction activities, etc.

Our Chartered Surveyors have been appointed by large civil engineering firms and building contractors to undertake impartial pre-works and post-works inspections and to prepare a Schedule of Condition; performing a detailed inspection and report on the surrounding buildings and structures.

For each building or structure that is inspected as part of a pre-work Schedule of Condition, the resulting report would usually include:

  • A description of the location and general condition of the nearby properties
  • An extensive series of photographs
  • A written record of the location, nature and condition of each item inspected (inside and outside)
  • A written description of any pre-existing defects that are evident before works start, such as cracks, structural movement, staining, decay, leaks, disrepair or deterioration

Should any claim be made against you for damage arising as a result from the works, you would have an accurate record of the condition of the property, to refer back to. This will afford a level of protection from unscrupulous claims for damage by neighbouring property owners; or at least limit the cost of any repair works should pre-existing damage have been identified.

Due to our status as Chartered Surveyors, large civil engineering and construction firms have the knowledge that our work is impartial and meets the highest standards, as laid out by our governing body, the RICS.

Examples of civils projects where we have been appointed to prepare a Pre-Works Schedule of Condition include: river defence improvements, installation of a new bridge, installation of piled foundations, road improvement works, large excavations and thrust boring for new mains drainage systems. For more information on Pre-Work Schedules of Condition, or to speak to us about any of our Chartered Surveying services, please contact us.

“We had a Schedule of Condition carried out on a Commercial Property. From vacant possession to our proposed completion date we were really tight on time. Gary managed to carry out the inspection and write a very thorough report in the time needed to ensure we hit our completion date. The price of the report was also extremely competitive. I would recommend Lea Hough to anyone looking for a Professional Surveyors with excellent service & communication at a competitive price.”

Danny Ambler - Fuse Contract Furniture, Blackburn