House surveys, which survey?

Buying a house or any property – whether it’s your next home or as an investment, it is a major commitment and one which you need to be truly confident in purchasing.

Lea Hough has extensive experience in the provision of residential Surveys and Valuations principally throughout the Lancashire and also in and surrounding North West regions including Greater Manchester, South Cumbria and West Yorkshire.

Having been immersed in the local property market for over 30 years the Lea Hough team have surveyed thousands of properties across the area. As well as having the technical surveying skills and in-depth knowledge of all types of building construction, enabling us to critically assess the condition of properties, we also know the houses and streets, business parks and local areas in addition to the current property demand and we have the knowledge to enable us to accurately assess values.

For residential properties, we offer three main types of residential Surveys and Valuations to suit your needs:

RICS homebuyer report

Building survey report

Valuation reports


The RICS website provides further information regarding Home Surveys. Please see the links below:

RICS home surveys

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