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    Valuations for Right-to-buy/Right-to-acquire purposes

  • Selling with ‘Help to Buy’? Don’t forget your RICS Valuation

    Valuation of Property for Matrimonial Settlement / Divorce

  • Valuations for Probate/Inheritance Tax

    Valuations for Probate/Inheritance Tax

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    Valuations for Shared Ownership Staircasing Purposes

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    Help to Buy and Staircasing Valuations

  • Why do I need a survey

    Why do I need a survey?

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"I have read your report again and I appreciate the level of detail and the effort you have gone to in surveying the property - thank you. You’re looking at properties every day and you know what you’re looking for – so you’ve seen things that I would never have spotted. You have opened my eyes on numerous defects on this property and am seriously thinking about leaving the idea of buying. The report was money wells spent!"

Guido Staffa, GS Tiling Contractors Ltd.