Septic Tank Replacement Scheme, Lancashire

Lea Hough have been involved in a phased programme, which ultimately resulted in the replacement of 10 old septic tanks for our client in 2020 – the systems having been replaced with new Sewage Treatment Plants (STP’s).

The project was initiated after new regulations regarding septic tanks were brought into force by the Environment Agency. We commenced with a phased survey exercise to assess existing septic tanks for condition and conformity, on behalf of a client of ours who owns large rural estates in Lancashire.

The new legislation regarding septic tanks mean that property owners will typically need to remove old septic tanks and replace them with modern Sewage Treatment Plants.

Following inspections of the existing septic tanks, it became apparent that replacement was required and the project to install new sewage treatment plants began.

This involved specifying appropriate types / size of tanks, then the selection of the contractors who completed the installation work, and we oversaw the whole process.

The project involved multiple properties across a portfolio on a large rural estate.

New installations now also require Building Regulations and electrical certification, which were completed as part of the project on the client’s behalf.

These properties on the estate, which have now STP’s.

Having completed these works, Lea Hough are now undertaking projects for two other large landlord clients now, with property portfolios, who have properties in rural locations.

It is important to note that under the new regulations, properties where existing septic tanks / treatment plants that are found to be non-compliant can be subject to significant fines from the Environment Agency.

Lea Hough can help to inspect existing septic tank schemes, thereafter working to ensure compliance with the new legislation and improve facilities.

Our involvement can help to specify the correct type of system, oversee the installation work, and deal with all other requirements, including Building Notice, electrical certification, etc.

For more information on the new regulations regarding septic tanks, view our blog here and government guidance.

To speak to Lea Hough about septic tank replacement, please get in touch.


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