Our Chartered Surveyors recently came across a new grant scheme available to help homeowners improve energy efficiency in their homes. Ribble Valley Borough Council’s first-time buyer grant offers new homeowners up to £15,000 to renovate their property and make it more energy-efficient.

While the ‘Greener Homes Grant’ is, in principle, a good idea, there is a word of warning to be issued. When it comes to older properties, you may need to be careful what type of improvement measures you implement as some “solutions” may not be appropriate for individual properties.

For example, not all insulation measures will work on solid wall construction / old buildings. Furthermore, partial insulation could lead to more problems such as condensation and cold-bridging. This is particularly the case in the North West, where a lot of driven rain is experienced.

It is also important to note that dampness and condensation could be caused by a number of factors. It is therefore important to properly assess the causes before you go ahead with any works, ideally with a Surveyor’s inspection.

Our Chartered Surveyors have seen many scenarios where people have regretted undertaking retrospective upgrade / insulation works. The fact that there is now an industry in itself to remove insulation that was retrospectively applied to cavity walls speaks for itself!

The Ribble Valley is home to many different types of properties and it’s important to remember that factors, such as how a house was constructed and the materials that were used, may determine what insulation works are suitable. Obtaining a professional Chartered Surveyor’s expert is often worthwhile as we are entirely independent and the recommendations we make will not be influenced by any commission goals or other targets. The same can not always be said for the companies making the alterations.

As a wider point here, when it comes to making any significant alterations or undertaking works on your property, it is vital to obtain professional advice to avoid taking actions that you may later regret.

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