The recent National Audit Office (NAO) report on sustainability in schools has highlighted the need for better planning and more investment towards sustainability in schools in England. With schools facing high energy costs and the need to meet government targets for reducing carbon emissions, it has become increasingly important to plan for greater sustainability.

The NAO report highlighted a number of areas where schools need to focus on sustainability, including energy efficiency, environmental quality, and waste management. It outlined the need to increase investment in energy efficiency measures, such as insulation and the use of renewable energy sources. It also suggested improvements to environmental quality in schools, such as reducing air pollution and improving the quality of indoor air.

The report also noted that many schools would benefit from upgrades to waste management systems to ensure they are recycling and reusing materials where possible. This is especially important as it can help reduce the carbon footprint of schools, therefore improving performance towards environmental targets.

Thankfully, there are a number of funding options available to schools to help them achieve greater sustainability. The Condition Improvement Fund (CIF) provides funding for major building works that improve the condition of schools, which can involve a drive towards better energy efficiency and environmental quality. The Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme, meanwhile, provides funding for renewable energy projects, such as solar panels and heating and lighting upgrades.

When it comes to planning for greater sustainability in schools, it is important to ensure that the right surveys and assessments are carried out. Lea Hough Chartered Surveyors can provide a range of services to help schools achieve greater sustainability. This includes energy assessments, which can identify potential energy efficiency measures, and environmental assessments, which can help to identify areas of environmental quality that need to be improved.

At Lea Hough Chartered Surveyors, School Building Consultants are working with a number of schools across the North West, helping to put plans in place for greater sustainability.

By utilising the available funding and taking advantage of our services, schools can ensure they are meeting their sustainability goals and helping to reduce their carbon footprint.

To discuss our services to schools in more detail, or how we can help in the planning, preparation and submission of bids for funding, please get in touch.

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