Property disputes can be both stressful and costly for all parties involved. Disputes can occur around various matters, including valuations of property and land; contractual disputes; quality of workmanship; landlord & tenant disputes; defects and disrepair; and dilapidations.

Fortunately, Chartered Surveyors can offer a range of services to help resolve disputes efficiently and effectively. In this article, we’ll explore the role of a Chartered Surveyor in resolving property disputes.

Identifying the Issue

When a property dispute arises, the first step is to identify the issue at hand. Chartered Surveyors are experts in property matters and can offer professional advice on a range of issues, including contractual disputes, valuation disagreements, and structural defects.

Assessing the Situation

Once the issue has been identified, the next step is to assess the situation. Chartered Surveyors can inspect the property, review any relevant documentation, and provide impartial advice based on their findings. This can help to clarify the issues and provide a clearer understanding of each party’s position.


Where the parties involved are not able to resolve the dispute between themselves, Chartered Surveyors can act on a client’s behalf to try and reach an agreement. This is often the case during dilapidations claims, where commercial landlords are claiming for disrepair or rectification of works to their property against an outgoing tenant.

Expert Witness

Some property disputes will progress to litigation and when this happens, Chartered Surveyors can be appointed as Expert Witness to assist with either pursuing or defending a case.  Chartered Surveyors will prepare Expert Witness Reports in line with CPR Part 35 Protocol, which can be addressed to the Court if required.

As experts in property valuations and inspections, Lea Hough are able to assist clients across the full spectrum of property disputes. Our advice and intervention can help clients to protect their financial interest in a property. For further advice on how our team of Chartered Valuation Surveyors and Building Surveyors can help, please get in touch

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