Number of new build homes in England increases for 7th consecutive year

Government figures indicate an increase in the delivery of new dwellings in England in the 12 months to 31st March 2020. The figures from the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government reveal that 243,770 new homes were delivered on a net basis. Of this figure, 220,600 were new build homes, an increase for the 7th consecutive year and an overall increase over the last 5 years of 42%.  A further 2,130 communal dwellings and 1,700 student accommodations were achieved during the 12-month period.

As well as supporting the need for new housing, including affordable housing, delivering new homes often leads to huge investment in an area’s infrastructure and amenities. This not only creates a benefit to the new communities created by housing schemes, but also existing residents in the local area.

The housing industry is a key contributor to the economic stability of the country, and continued growth in the development of new building housing would be favourable as the country and the economy begins its recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic.   Additionally, as we all look to increase our green credentials, new housing, which must meet ever-increasing standards to be environmentally friendly, can clearly play a role.

Despite the figures, which show a positive move in the right direction, meeting government targets for new housing remains a challenge for local authorities.

The process of finding suitable land and getting it to the point where is can be developed into new housing can take years and opportunities are often few and far between.

Lea Hough are able to assist in the process, working with landowners who wish to put forward land that may be suitable for development. Our role includes helping to identify undeveloped land, thereafter project-managing this through the various stages and ultimately to achieve planning permission. Once having the status of land that can be developed, we are then able to act on behalf of landowners during the negotiation process, helping to select the most appropriate developer and oversee the sale of the land.

Our Land and Development team are highly experienced in working with clients, including private land owners and companies, to advise them through every stage, and ultimately help to realise the best deal for their land.

For more information or for an initial ‘no obligation’ chat with a member of our Land and Development team, please contact us.


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