Viability studies & site appraisals

Viability and site appraisals

Once a site has been identified, the team will carry out an initial feasibility study to understand the opportunities that are available.

The study will cover the existing use value of the land, along with the planning options available to develop it; whether that be residential, commercial, industrial or mixed use.

Lea Hough then assess the likely development costs and compare those to the anticipated value of the asset upon sale. We can then advise the landowner appropriately on the best way forward to realise value from the site.

Lea Hough are also adept at undertaking detailed viability studies, whether that be for a variety of valuation needs, or for negotiation purposes with developers or Local Authorities. Through this process, we can help deliver sites in changing market conditions.

Development sites can be affected by various issues, including adverse ground conditions, highway and infrastructure needs, third party land and Title constraints. Lea Hough have worked on a wide range of projects, giving us first-hand experience of what is required and how best to approach each site’s individual set of circumstances.