Schedules of Condition

Schedule of Condition

Lea Hough’s team of Chartered Building Surveyors regularly undertake Schedules of Condition on behalf of Tenants who are entering into leases on commercial properties.

It is of great importance for a Tenant to have a detailed record of the condition of the property before their occupancy begins.

Lea Hough strongly recommends that a Schedule of Condition is undertaken by an ingoing Tenant of a commercial property, and this should be appended to the Lease. This will assist to provide protection to a Tenant as it will provide a detailed record of the condition of the property, and identify pre-existing disrepair at the outset. The purpose is to ensure that the Tenant is not required to put the building back into any better condition than that in which they found it. This will then help to counteract elements of repair work that the Tenant would otherwise become responsible for when an outgoing Schedule of Dilapidations is prepared by a Landlord at a later date.

The Schedule of Condition includes both detailed written descriptions and extensive photographs to give a clear record of the condition of a building when a Tenant takes possession.

It is surprising how many Tenants do not undertake a Schedule of Condition and then, at the end of the lease, find themselves being responsible for hefty dilapidations claims for repairs in relation to damage that was already present when they took possession of the building.